Pediatric Orthodontic Services in Stamford, CT

Orthodontics can play a huge role in improving your child’s smile. Crooked, gapped, or overlapped teeth are natural, yet these conditions can cause harm to your child’s oral health over time. Getting your child the needed orthodontic care is essential for improving their smile’s functionality and aesthetics. At Big Little Smiles, Dr. Shportko, Dr. Vera, and our caring team work hard to ensure that not only does your child get the care they need but also that they enjoy the process.

What is Pediatric Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth and aligning one’s bite. If a patient has crooked, twisted, overlapped, or gapped teeth, an orthodontic dentist might be needed to correct the issue. There are many different types of orthodontic treatment available. Common treatments include clear aligners, traditional braces, removable retainers, and orthognathic surgery. 

The Importance of Orthodontics for Kids

Ensuring your child’s teeth work together allows them to bite and chew properly. Orthodontic treatment can be a crucial part of this process. Early orthodontic treatment guides your child’s teeth and jaw growth, correcting alignment or bite problems before the jaw bones harden completely. Starting at age seven, your child should be screened for orthodontic issues. 

Many children start losing their baby teeth when they are around five. Your child should have all their permanent teeth by the age of 13. Though, crooked teeth and other orthodontic issues should be treated early on. By the late teens, your child’s jaw stops growing, and treating orthodontic problems becomes more challenging. Do not wait too long to get your child orthodontic treatment, as waiting could result in serious dental health problems for them later on. 

Common Orthodontic Issues in Children

Crowding or Crooked Teeth

Crowded or crooked teeth can happen when there is insufficient space for the teeth to fit correctly in your child’s jaws. Crowding can occur when the jaws are too small, or the teeth are too big. Depending on the stage of your child’s oral development, there are many solutions to crowding. Some orthodontic treatments may include early intervention, like braces, that could reduce the need for treatment later on. Extractions are another treatment option for more severe cases.


An overbite is a problem where your child’s upper front teeth bite too far down over their lower teeth. The bite can be so deep that the upper teeth cover the lower teeth, which can cause excessive dental wear, discomfort, and other dental problems as the lower teeth bite up into the roof of the mouth. Braces are effective for treating most overbite problems.


An underbite is when the lower front teeth extend past the upper front teeth. Common reasons for this are either an undergrowth of the upper jaw or an overgrowth of the lower jaw. Treatment may involve jaw surgery, depending on the extent of your child’s underbite. Fortunately, the earlier an underbite is diagnosed, the greater the chance that simpler early intervention will eliminate the need for surgery.


A crossbite happens when one or more of your child’s upper teeth bite inside their lower teeth. This is usually because of a misalignment of the upper or lower jaws. Children can undergo orthodontic treatment where the upper jaw is widened with a palatal expander, helping to solve the crossbite, one of the most common orthodontic problems dentists see. 

Importance of a Child-Friendly Dental Environment

Going to the dentist can cause anxiety for many people—especially children. Bad experiences could cause a child to develop dental anxiety, while a kid-friendly dentist can help reduce this risk. At Big Little Smiles, we understand this and work hard to ensure your child has a pleasant, rewarding, and educational experience to encourage better oral habits. In doing so, we ensure your child gets the best start to a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

What Orthodontic Services are offered at Big Little Smiles?

Big Little Smiles offers orthodontic services to give your child the best start to a healthy smile. We offer: 

  • Invisalign®Treats a wide variety of misalignments. Whether your child has a minor overbite or more severe misalignment, Invisalign® can completely transform their smile.
  • Traditional Metal BracesTo straighten your child’s teeth and improve the functionality and aesthetics of their smile. 
  • Ceramic BracesOne of the most comfortable options for dental realignment, improving your child’s smile without much discomfort or irritation.

Orthodontic Solutions at Big Little Smiles

Our highly experienced team at Big Little Smiles is ready to help prepare your child for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Providing an anxiety-free experience, we help children learn to love caring for their teeth and gums. With high-quality orthodontic treatments, Big Little Smiles offers solutions to your child’s needs in Stamford, CT.