What Age Should I Start Taking My Child to The Dentist?

What Age Should I Start Taking My Child to The Dentist?

August 27, 2021

For your child’s first dentist visit in Connecticut, Big Little Smiles is your Stamford pediatric dentist. Parents often ask, “What age should I start taking my child to the dentist?” So, here’s some helpful information about your child’s first dentist visit in Stamford, CT.

Child’s first Dentist Visit in Connecticut

Here’s an easy way to remember when to start taking a child to the dentist: when you see their first tooth. When you see their first tooth, it’s time to begin oral care. Generally, this happens around the time of a child’s first birthday, but it varies. So, if you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

If possible, schedule your child’s first dentist visit within six months of the first tooth. 

Why See a Pediatric Dentist So Early?

You may be wondering, why does a child need to see a dentist from the time of their first tooth? One reason is teeth are vulnerable to cavities or tooth decay as soon as they emerge. Sometimes, it’s referred to as dental caries.

By scheduling your child’s first dentist visit, you can get an early start on protecting their oral health for a lifetime. At your visit, Dr. Lionel Vera-Caraballo and our friendly team can catch any problems before they have a chance to worsen.


Protecting Kids’ Unique Smiles

From an early age, kids have unique oral health care needs. However, a pediatric dentist has the expertise and advanced training to address kids’ needs, including special needs kids. Dr. Vera and the team are specialists who understand kids’ behaviors and health needs. Always, we strive to help kids and parents have a pleasant, rewarding, and educational experience.

At your child’s first dentist visit, we also begin helping parents learn the best techniques to care for kid’s oral health needs.

Here are some of the things we may talk about:

  1. What to do when kids are teething
  2. Best feeding practices
  3. Baby bottle tooth decay
  4. The best way to clean and care for a baby’s mouth
  5. Thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, and Pacifier habits


From the time of your child’s first dentist visit in Stamford until they are teens, Big Little Smiles is here to provide for all their oral health care needs. We offer a full range of dental services and enjoy sharing our offices with The Smiles Doctor. So, your family can receive top-quality, affordable dental and orthodontic care in one convenient and familiar location. Generally, kids should see an orthodontist around age seven.


Schedule Your Child’s First Dentist Visit and Meet the Team

Big Little Smiles loves working with kids to give them the best start to a lifetime of healthy smiles. The first step is scheduling your child’s first dentist visit. Please, click “Request an appointment” to get started or give us a call at (203) 629-7000 anytime.

To help with your first visit, here are some tips from the American Dental Association. As you can see, a first visit can be a fun and educational experience. We’re here to work with parents as a team to help kids enjoy better health and smiles from the beginning.

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