What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Us for Your Pediatric Dentist?

Big Little Smiles is here to promote the health of young patients from infancy through the teenage years. From the beginning, we emphasize preventative care and helping families develop good oral health habits.

Five children with healthy smiles in a huddle and smiling down at the camera

With fun and educational visits, we encourage kids to care for their teeth. With the right habits, kids can avoid many oral health concerns. Therefore, we can help create big little smiles that grow healthy and strong until those smiles aren’t so little anymore!

Highly Experienced and Specially Trained Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Lionel Vera-Caraballo loves caring for kids and has years of experience providing their unique health care and behavioral needs. As a member of America’s Pediatric Dentists with over seven years of practice, Dr. Vera provides outstanding care for each patient.

To become a pediatric dentist, Dr. Vera completed dental school. He then focused on the needs of infants, children, teens, and children with special needs in a two-year residency program. Dr. Vera is now well-prepared to provide the best quality care for kids of any age using the best child-friendly methods and techniques.

Anxiety-Free Experience

Your Stamford pediatric dentist, Dr. Vera, understands that coming to a dentist can cause anxiety for many people. This is especially true for small children and children with special needs. Dr. Vera offers Nitrous Oxide for children to his smallest patients. Nitrous Oxide (often called laughing gas) is safely administered to these kiddos who need extra help. After one visit to Big Little Smiles, you’ll see that visiting the dentist can be a pleasant, rewarding experience. We love what we do and getting to know the Stamford area families and their kids!

Affordable, Comprehensive Dentistry

At Big Little Smiles, kindness and dentistry come together, so you can relax while receiving the care you need. Pediatric dental care is essential to ensure your child’s oral health, and we make it affordable with treatment that fits your family’s budget.

Easy, Convenient Scheduling

For added convenience, Big Little Smiles works with your busy schedule. As a nice bonus, our comfy offices have ample parking in a safe, gated community. Many of our parents enjoy the nearby park and playground. Notably, our office is designed with kids’ comfort in mind and utilizes the latest specially designed equipment for pediatric dental care.

Bi-Lingual Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Vera is a bilingual pediatric dentist and seeks to make everyone feel welcome and at home, including our Spanish-speaking friends! At Big Little Smiles, you are welcome to take your time with no rush in a safe, comfortable, and clean space.